Buy Kindle in Canada

If you live in Canada and are wondering where you can get kindle, then this article will be of essence to you in that enough research has been done for you.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a base model, then you should be ready to spend around $139. With this, you will incur an extra $12.98 that is to cater for the costs used for handling and shipping the commodity as well as an extra $18.63 that will be used to cater for the taxes for importing the commodity to your country, summing up all the costs, you will need to pay $170.61 to get item. Although the prices are quoted in terms of US Dollars, they are almost equal to the Canadian Dollars in value so you need not worry a lot about foreign exchange fluctuations. The most reliable place to buy your Kindle in is the Amazon; here you can get new as well as refurbished items being sold to you at very attractive prices, just click on Online Amazon Kindle Store. These were prices of the commodity in June year 2011.

If you intend to buy the revised version of the Kindle but which supports 3G as well, then the be prepared to pay an the following estimate price; The cost of the product before the extra cost is $189, you will the have to pay $12.98 as costs for handling and shipping the commodity to you place plus $25.33 which is used to cater for government taxes that are normally charged when one imports a product this will add up to $227.31.

Keep in mind that the prices are quoted in USD as its among the most stable currencies but in contrast with the Canadian Dollars the exchange is fairly stable and this means that you will not have to suffer from unexpected loss in the value of currency.

If you want the best version of the commodity then you should purchase the super duper deluxe model, this is the best Kindle in the market so far. To get it, you will need to pay 442.77USD which comprises of the actual purchase price which is $379, the costs for handling and shipping which s $12.98 as well as $ 50.79 which will be used to cater for import taxes and the other forms of government expenses. These prices are quoted as at June 2011.

But as earlier said, don’t get surprised if the commodity ends up much cheaper or expensive in the local price as the exchange rates keep changing on a daily basis so are the government charges on cross border transactions. But the main challenge is that despite the online way of purchasing the item being much expensive due to the underlying costs; it’s the only way that you can purchase a kindle here.

But if you can make it to the US then you will get it at a much cheaper price there, however you will have to convert your Canadian currency into USD. On travelling back into the country you will have to pay import tax which means that you will only have saved on shipping costs which contribute to the prices by a lesser proportion. For more information Please visit Kindle Canada

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