What is Kindle

By simple definition, we can say that Kindle is some slim, light in weight, electric gadget that is highly portable and with it, you will easily download and read books, magazines and newspapers, the founder of this gadget is Amazon.com who is as well the best online seller of books. The gadget allows the holder to access more that 300,000 books, several of the best selling newspapers, blogs and magazines. Kindle screen displays content just like paper and will allow one to read even in bright light without straining at all. Downloading a book at Kindle is much cheaper that getting it in hard copy and will allow you save around 70%. The gadget can store up to 1500 books and you can easily transfer your books into a newer version of the same need be.

It makes s of wireless technology in the transfer of information and can be used to shop, download and browse the web. The display system is an electronic paper that can show around sixteen shades of gray which means it appears much like an ordinary paper. There are a variety of platforms and software which can be installed in Amazon Kindle, some of them are: Microsoft Windows applications, IOS, BlackBerry applications, Mac Operating System X (10.5 or later, Intel processor only), Android, WebOS, and Windows Phone 7. You can buy and download the content for your Kindle right online in many countries by the use of the normal Wi-Fi as well as the Whispernet network from Amazon. With Whispernet, the Kindle users will use internet free of charge as long as they are within the USA. However, those using the services outside the USA may have to pay for the charges of getting most of the content that includes magazines. Whispersync allow for synchronization of information that includes progress as well as bookmarks over the Kindle applications or any other mobile gadgets.

Kindle is a very thin in size, roughly a third the size of an ordinary book, simply the thickness is almost equal to that of a magazine. By weight, it can be said to be relatively light in the order of 10.2 onz which means it is much lighter that an ordinary novel. Kindle does access information in a similar way to the mobile phones in that it uses 3G wireless Whispernet technology. The Kindle can download a book in around a minute but when downloading an e-book you will not have to make connection to kindle as in the case of a computer because the gadget is customized with the service. Kindle is powered by a high energy and long lasting battery that may be used for several days without the need for recharge therefore making it a convenient carry along for your long journeys. The device has a service in which a book can be read to you, this is essential if you are carrying out activities that require your visual attention, the service is most essential for the blind.

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